What’s a DJ to be nowadays?

To play music for a crowd, a DJ has to be creative, first of all. One doesn’t have to just pick and drop tunes randomly. There is to be a smooth flow of beats making it easy and encouraging for the crowd to keep enjoying the Music without stopping.

Then a DJ has to have lots of energy, and be upbeat. A DJ has to learn how to read a crowd, and watch what they are doing. He really has to be there and impose his personality.

A good DJ is technically capable of entertaining in the smoothest way and still surprise the audience, moving out of the “popular and commercial” path.

But,  at the end of the day, a great DJ is someone that makes you laugh and cry and go nuts, and gives people the greatest time of their life by just selecting and playing and manipulating music.

So, if this is what’s a DJ to be, VIKYQUEEN is even far more than a great DJ.

She adds passion, elegance beauty, charm, smartness and a touch of fashion.

She senses the Music, she doesn’t just spin. She really can play.

Whether in a small club or on big stage, the audience gets her vibes.

There’s a big difference between VIKYQUEEN and the majority of her fellow “competitors”.

She knows Music. She can play piano, saxophone and she’s also a familiar singer.

At the age of twenty she began his artistic career in Paris. In the city she had the opportunity to get the right influences and started recording her music: nowadays her first album “Le Miroir” is still widely listened to and downloaded from the iTunes shop.

After the experience in Paris, she was invited to play in the most prestigious International clubs, in exclusive parties and performed as Sound Designer in special events for famous Brands such as Bulgari and Procter & Gamble

She played as resident DJ at famous stylist’s Roberto Cavalli club “Just Cavalli Café” for about two years.

But this is is just the start. After years of shiny career, VIKYQUEEN’s still digging new experiments, still testing her Energy and still preparing musical emotions for her audience around the world.

Let her start whispering in your hear the smoothest jazzy moods, then leave her take you on the floor with her deep blasting beat: that’s a breakthrough.

That’ a modern DJ. That’s VIKYQUEEN.


Vittoria Brunetti in arte Viky Queen, nasce in Sicilia da una famiglia di musicisti.
Piccolissima si trasferisce a Roma dove porta a termine gli  studi di lingue straniere e musica.
Dopo alcune esperienze formative, all’età di ventun’anni inizia  la sua carriera artistica a Parigi.
E’ in questa splendida città che ha l’opportunità d’incidere canzoni sue e di altri compositori, scoprendo , inoltre , la sua passione per il djing.
Dopo l’esperienza parigina durata sette anni, Viky torna a Roma per produrre e pubblicare con la Twilight dei fratelli Micioni,
il suo primo Album “Le Miroir”, affermandosi parallelamente come  Dj professionista.
Da allora viene invitata a suonare nei più prestigiosi locali  italiani e stranieri , in party esclusivi e come Sound Designer da  brand internazionali.
Nel 2008 si trasferisce a Milano dove suona come Dj resident nel locale di Roberto Cavalli: “Just Cavalli Caffè” per circa due anni.
Nel 2011 Viky produce  con Frank di Mauro il suo singolo “God Save The Queen” realizzandone  il  video .

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